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Registration Fees

Registration Fees:

A non-refundable Enrolment Fee will be charged for any student registering at Amethyst Smart Brains Academy. The Enrolment Fee may be paid in full or 2-3 installments. Those enrolling from 01 October until 15 January may pay in 3 installments. Registration fees after 15 January must be paid in full before the start of monthly payment option or included with the first tuition installment.

The Enrolment Fee is a once only payment. Please note that the full Enrolment Fee is due even if the student is withdrawn before the end of the school year.

Fees include study material, study reader planners and brain coaching and easy learning CD.


The fees indicated in the application forms are for a full year’s tuition and examination preparation and spread over 10 months. Students joining after the start of the school year or withdrawing before the end of the school year, please refer to Late Registration and Early Withdrawal under conditions of entry.


Exam fees are not included in the tuition fees and are the responsibility of the person or organization responsible for paying school fees.