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School Attendance

Regular attendance by all students in the public schools or private institutions is a well-established, long-standing policy. The objective of our policy is to maximize the day-to-day attendance of our students at Amethyst Smart Brains Academy so that they may realize the greatest benefits of classroom instruction and activity. The process of education requires regular continuity of instruction through classroom participation, learning experiences, and study in order to reach the goal of maximum educational benefits for each student.

We have three (3) enrollment options for our students:


Starting and ending time: 07:15 – 13:30

Subject lessons are scheduled every day with 1-2 one-on-one sessions for each student. One-on-one sessions help students to sort out areas of concern or difficulty on an individual basis. We offer free brain coaching, counseling, confidence building, extra mural and social club activities that boost and improve studies and school focus, improve relationships and interactions to all morning school students.


Starting and ending time: 14:00 – 16:30

Subject lessons are scheduled 2 times a week per subject.

Students can also schedule one-on-one sessions with teachers to sort out areas of difficulty.


Online classes are recommended for working students or those residing outside Windhoek. Instructional lessons and resources students can access any time during the week are regularly updated and posted on our online classes’ page. Online classes and resources are password secured. Passwords are changed on a regular basis to ensure that only active students participate in our online lessons and have access to Amethyst Smart Brains Academy’s resources.